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Our Manufacturers

As top sales professionals in Florida’s pool and spa industry, we strive to work with the best manufacturers of pool products throughout the U.S. Below is a list of our valued manufacturers with descriptions of some of the high-quality products they offer.

Proudly representing these fine manufacturers:

SR Smith Logo  

S.R. Smith
Pool Access Equipment, Boards & Stands, Pool Games, Ladders & Rails, Lifeguard Chairs, Pool Slides, Lane Line Reels, Starting Platforms, LED Lighting, Water Features, Parts.

Phone: 800-824-4387 Fax: 503-266-4334

Coral Seas Logo  

Air Supply of the Future
Quality Air Blowers for Portable Spas, Outdoor Spas, and Jetted Bathtubs.
The Silencer, Galaxy Supreme, Astro and many others to choose from.  

Phone: 800-848-3077  Fax: 954-977-0744

Bobe Water & Fire Features Logo  

Bobe Water & Fire Features
Fabricators of sheet metal products for pools, spas, and landscaping. Scuppers, Spillways, Po Pots, Rain Falls & Fire Pit kits.

Phone: 602-253-3494 Fax: 602-253-3496

Bobe Water & Fire Features Logo  

Jack’s Magic
Products for identifying, removing and preventing stains and discoloration in swimming pools and spas. Chlorine Reducers, Water Clarifiers, Salt Pool Cleaners, Tile Cleaners, Stain ID Kits. 

Phone: 800-348-1656  Fax: 727-532-0250

Purity Pool Logo  

Purity Pool
Durable, lightweight scoops and rakes for service professionals. Red Baron/Pro-Lite/Gator.

Phone: 800-257-1961 Fax: 530-472-1312

Pool Tool Logo  

Pool Tool
Over 60 specialized, time-saving, problem-solving tools for the pool service professional and repair industry. Sacrificial zinc anodes, PVC wire saw, light wedge, magnetic pole tips, etc.

Phone: 800-423-0128 Fax: 805-644-4711

Game Logo  

GAME – Great American Merchandise & Events
SandPro Filter Systems, SolarPro Heaters, Underwater Lights Shows, Softside Pool Accessories, Chlorinators, Thermometers, Spa Vacuums.

Phone: 888-382-5988 Fax: 602-957-7665

Primo Grills  

Primo Ceramic Grills
US manufactured ceramic grills and smokers with patented oval shaped design for exceptional cooking versatility.

Phone: 770-492-3920 Fax: 770-492-3925

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